5/6/2024: New page was added called "Unlicensed Video Games" in the Warp Zone section. More NES cheat codes were added. Some cheat codes are for the Famicom & Nintendo Entertainment System.

3/6/2024: We are currently working on our own NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game. You will be able to buy the rom on our website. More updates will be updated to Game Payne multiple times a day. More retro cheat codes and more Video games information will be displayed here. You won't find much on other video game websites. When we created this site, We wanted it to be different than all the other sites out there.

3/1/2024: We have revamped the homepage to Game Payne. We have moved the comics, Books & Players Guides to their own section. We're still working on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game Manuals. We now have downloads for gaming 3D prints. You can send us gaming Fan Art, Fan Poetry & Gaming Tattoos in our community section. We also have a section for our favorite gaming YouTube channels in the Warp Zone link. More page titles are being designed.