Create a team, but don't spend any money on player development. Play League games against the SNK Crushers until you've won about 15-20 of them and have $250-300K.

Fire all the players on that team, then power up until you have 15 Prestige for every player. Put the overage into Luck if you get enough points to exceed 15...pitchers should power up under ''see other abilities''.

Now create another team (your ''real'' team) and keep playing League games against the Prestige guys. You'll make a minimum of $75,000 from the gate for ten minutes or less worth of work.


Enter the Team Select mode (fast team, good hitting, etc.) then press DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT,
DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT. Now the screen will say "When isn't it?" Type "When it is." and then
finish it. Go to VIEW YOUR TEAM and then your will see that your team is ridiculously powerful.


Go to the MAKE TEAM option on the main menu. Once there, move the control pad in the
following directions: DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, UP, DOWN, UP,
DOWN, UP. Your controller should be highlighting Veterans. Push A to enter. The message given
should be "WHAT IS A WREN?". Delete this and enter "A BIRD." Be sure to remember the period.

Press Start so it will accept this. You will be presented with another message saying "WHEN ISN'T
IT?". Delete this and enter "WHEN IT IS." As before, remember the period. Put WHEN on the first
line and IT IS. on the second line and you will be able to give your team another name. If you put
WHEN IT on the first line and IS. on the second line this will still work, but you'll have to have
WHEN IT IS. as your team's name. The team you will be given will be no more powerful than other
created teams, but all the members will be female (that saves about $100,000 right there).