Instantly win the tour:

Select the "NATIONAL POOL TOUR" game mode. Before the game starts, at the US map screen, press and hold A + B + Select. The password screen will load instead of the game, meaning you automatically beat the tour.


National Pool Tour Passwords:


Effect                                                                                                                        Password

2nd Match - Milwaukee


3rd Match - Atlanta


4th Match - Los Angeles


Final Match - Las Vegas



Prevent AI Thinking:

During Nine Ball, Rotation, or National Pool Tour only, before the AI begins to think, hold Up and Select on Player 1's controller and Down, Left, and A on Player 2's controller.

Secret Passwords


Effect                                                                                                                     Code

Sound Test                                                                                                            SJNG


Speech Test                                                                                                          VRHK


View the ending                                                                                                    FNDG