Bike Replace

During gameplay, press Down and B on the first controller to ask for bike replacement at any time.

Stage Passwords

Select "Password" at the title screen to get to the password screen. Note: These passwords include the letter O and number 0!

Effect                                                                  Password

Stage 03                                                              3KH9N 01V24 PJAB8 L25M0 5063W 04D97

Stage 04                                                              3SASP FLCKT 10DFS 66LJB 02T2W FCD10

Stage 05                                                              1KH9N 01V42 VJFC2 G26QC 9C63W D8B47

Stage 06                                                              HASPF LCKH3 OF8K8 3RSB8 6P29W 05949

Stage 07                                                              HPFLC KH9N9 7G32S QA7AP E9QCW 1170B

Stage 08                                                              2LCKH 9N01N 16JM2 5FI6D M014W 6D615

Stage 09                                                              OCKH9 N01V3 EQO95 DSDDU 0D46W AD46E

Stage 10                                                             7SPFL CKH9H 3EUA6 JH4CA H69QW 46152

Stage 11                                                             OCKH9 N01V1 2RJAB DVD1I 3D46W 5FF9E

Stage 12                                                             HPFLC KH9N4 DH97T I976L D5QCW 0FD9B

Stage 13                                                             3SFSP FLCKI EPBFR 06LR3 72T2W 1DE90

Stage 14                                                             7SSFL CKH9L BFNA6 PI406 I29QW 50D9A

Stage 15                                                             3SFSP FLCKG BP6FL 47LV7 7AT2W 043D8

Stage 16                                                            1KK9N 01V49 KI085 M36M0 E463W 701C7

Stage 17                                                            7SSFL CKH9O 7FTB7 TH442 I61QW D7FC2

Stage 18                                                           2L9KH 9N01H 27LJC BCIE5 L094W 8FDC5


Stage Select

Press and hold A and B on Player 1's, then reset the console. Now you can select any stage on the map to race.