Story Endings

During the course of the game, you are given the opportunity to rescue Izumi, Miki, and the Makimuras. Rescuing some or all of these characters can trigger different endings - and allow additional levels - in the game. The "bad" ending ends the game at the end of Level 6. The "moderate" ending allows a seventh level. The "best" ending only differs from the "moderate" ending in that it gives a better ending to the storyline as a whole.

Ending                                                                                                How to unlock

Bad Ending                                                                                          Fail to rescue Mr. Makimura, Mrs. Makimura, and Izumi.

Best Ending                                                                                         Rescue Miki in addition to Mr. Makimura, Mrs. Makimura, and Izumi.

Moderate Ending                                                                                 Rescue Mr. Makimura, Mrs. Makimura, and Izumi.