Alignment Neutrality

To get through this game, you will often have to gather items to alter your Alignment - the bottom gauge of the top-left corner - so you ca

Hidden Messages

Enter the Japanese syllables below as passwords for hidden messages.

Effect                                                    Password

Hidden Message                                Mi No Ri Ku Mi Ko Ki Yo Wa Ru.

Hidden Message                                O Mi Ya Ki Te I Shi Yo Ku Sa.

Hidden Message                                Ma Ma Ka I Shi Ya Ko Wa I Yo.

Hidden Message                                Ko I Su Ru O O Ma Chi Ku N.


Secret Ending Message

After beating the game, at the "END" screen, let the game sit there for one hour and thirty-one minutes. During this time, the end screen will go to grayscale, then to sepia-tone. At the end of this 91-minute period, the background music stops. At that point, press and hold Left, A, B, Select, and Start on Player 1's controller and Right, A, and B on Player 2's controller. This will bring some new music. When said music starts, press Right, Select, and B on Player 1's controller and Down, Right, and B on Player 2's controller to get Hidemushi's message. When it stops, press Up, A, and B on Player 1's controller for another message. After this, wait 18 minutes and you will return to the title screen.