The Game Boy (Japanese: ゲームボーイ Hepburn: Gēmu Bōi, [ge̞ːmɯᵝ bo̞ː.i]) is an 8-bit handheld game console which was developed and manufactured by Nintendo and first released in the 100th anniversary of Nintendo in Japan on April 21, 1989, in North America on July 31, 1989 and in Europe on September 28, 1990. It is the first handheld console in the Game Boy line and was created and published by Satoru Okada and Nintendo Research & Development 1. This same team, led by Gunpei Yokoi at the time, is credited with designing the Game & Watch series as well as several popular games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Redesigned versions were released in 1996 and 1998 in the form of Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Light (Japan only), respectively.


The Game Boy is Nintendo's first handheld game console and it combined features from both the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game & Watch. It was sold either as a standalone unit or bundled with the puzzle game Tetris.


During its early lifetime, the Game Boy mainly competed with Sega's Game Gear, Atari's Lynx, and NEC's TurboExpress. The Game Boy outsold its rivals and became a significant success. The Game Boy and its successor, the Game Boy Color, have sold over 118 million units worldwide. Upon the Game Boy's release in the United States, its entire shipment of one million units was sold within a few weeks. Production of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color were discontinued in the early 2000s, being replaced by the subsequent Game Boy Advance, released in 2001.





The original internal codename for the Game Boy was "Dot Matrix Game", which its initials came to be featured on the final product's model number, "DMG-01". The internal reception of the device was initially very poor; the DMG even earned from Nintendo employees the derogatory nickname "DameGame", dame being the Japanese for "hopeless" or "lame" in that context.



The Game Boy has four operation buttons labeled "A", "B", "SELECT", and "START", as well as a directional pad. There is a volume control dial on the right side of the device and a similar knob on the left side to adjust the contrast. At the top of the Game Boy, a sliding on-off switch and the slot for the Game Boy cartridges are located. The on-off switch includes a physical lockout to prevent users from either inserting or removing a cartridge while the unit is switched on. Nintendo recommends users leave a cartridge in the slot to prevent dust and dirt from entering the system.


The Game Boy also contains optional input and/or output connectors. On the left side of the system is an external 3.5mm × 1.35mm DC power supply jack that allows users to use an external rechargeable battery pack or AC adapter (sold separately) instead of four AA batteries. The Game Boy requires 6 V DC of at least 150 mA. A 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack is located on the bottom side of the unit which allows users to listen to the audio with the bundled headphones or external speakers.


The right-side of the device offers a port which allows a user to connect to another Game Boy system via a link cable, provided both users are playing the same game. The port can also be used to connect a Game Boy Printer. The link cable was originally designed for players to play head-to-head two-player games such as in Tetris. However, game developer Satoshi Tajiri would later use the link cable technology as a method of communication and networking in the popular Pokémon video game series.


Technical specifications

Main article: Comparison of Nintendo portable consoles

CPU Custom 8-bit Sharp LR35902 at 4.19 MHz. This processor is similar to an Intel 8080 in that none of the registers introduced in the Z80 are present. However, some of the Z80's instruction set enhancements over the 8080, particularly bit manipulation, are present. Still other instructions are unique to this particular flavor of 8080/Z80 CPU. The IC also contains integrated sound generation.

RAM: 8 kB internal S-RAM (can be extended up to 32 kB)

Video RAM: 8 kB internal

ROM: On-CPU-Die 256-byte bootstrap; 256 kb, 512 kb, 1 Mb, 2 Mb, 4 Mb and 8 Mb cartridges

Sound: 2 pulse wave generators, 1 PCM 4-bit wave sample (64 4-bit samples played in 1×64 bank or 2×32 bank) channel, 1 noise generator, and one audio input from the cartridge. The unit only has one speaker, but headphones provide stereo sound (for further information, see Game Boy music)

Display: Reflective STN LCD 160 × 144 pixels

Frame Rate: Approx. 59.7 frames per second on a regular Game Boy, 61.1 on a Super Game Boy[citation needed]

Vertical Blank Duration: Approx 1.1 ms

Screen size: 66 mm (2.6 in) diagonal

Color Palette: 2-bit (4 shades of "gray" {light to very dark olive green})

Communication: 2 Game Boys can be linked together via built-in serial ports, up to 4 with a DMG-07 4-player adapter. And 16 in maximum.

Power: 6 V, 0.7 W (4 AA batteries provide 15–30+ hours)

Dimensions: 90 mm (W) × 148 mm (H) × 32 mm (D) / 3.5″ × 5.8″ × 1.3″


Play It Loud!


Play It Loud! Transparent Game Boy, North American Edition

On March 20, 1995, Nintendo released several Game Boy models with colored cases, advertising them in the "Play It Loud!" campaign[29] (Japanese name: Game Boy Bros. /ゲームボーイブロス Gēmu Bōi Burosu/ゲームボーイブラザース Gēmu Bōi Burazāsu). Specifications for this unit remain exactly the same as the original Game Boy, including the monochromatic screen. This new line of colored Game Boys would set a precedent for later Nintendo handhelds; every one of them since has been available in more than one color. Play It Loud! units were manufactured in red, green, black, yellow, white, blue, and clear (transparent) or sometimes called X-Ray in the UK. Most common are the yellow, red, clear and black, Green is fairly scarce but blue and white are the rarest. Blue was a Europe and Japan only release, White was a Japanese majority release with UK Toys R Us stores also getting it as an exclusive edition to them. The white remains the rarest of all the Play it Loud colors. A rare, limited edition Manchester United Game Boy is red, with the logos of the team emblazoned on it. It was released simultaneously with the Play it Loud! handhelds in the United Kingdom. The Play It Loud's screens also have a darker border than the normal Game Boy.

Complete Game List Below:

4-in1 Fun Pak

Ace Striker (Japan)
The Addams Family (Ocean Software, 1992)
The Addams Family: Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt (Ocean Software, 1992)
Adventure Island
Adventure Island II
Adventures of Lolo (Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, 1995)
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (THQ / Imagineering, 1992)
The Adventures of Star Saver (Taito / A Wave, 1992) – AKA Rubble Saver
Aerostar (Vic Tokai, 1991)
Afterburst (Japan)
Agro Soar (1991)
Aguri Suzuki: F-1 Super Driving (LOZC)
Ah Harimanada (Japan)
Akazukin Cha Cha (Japan)
Aladdin (Virgin Interactive / NMS Software, 1994)
Alfred Chicken (Mindscape / Sunsoft / Twilight Games, 1993)
Alien³ (LJN / B.I.T.S., 1992)
Alien Olympics 2044 AD (Ocean Software / Dark Technologies, 199X)
Alien vs Predator: The Last of His Clan (Activision / Ask Kodansha, 1993)
Alleyway (Nintendo 1989)
All-Star Baseball ’99 (Acclaim/Realtime 1998)
Altered Space: A 3-D Alien Adventure (Sony Imagesoft / Software Creations, 1991)
Amar Story
Amazing Penguin (Natsume, 1990) – AKA Osawagase Penguin Boy
The Amazing Spider-Man (LJN / Rare, 1990)
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (LJN / B.I.T.S., 1992)
The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers (LJN / B.I.T.S., 1993)
Amazing Tater (Atlus, 1991) – AKA Puzzle Boy II
Amida (Soffix, 1990)
Animaniacs (Konami / Factor 5, 1995)
Another Bible (Atlus 1995)
Arcade Classic 2 Centipede / Millipede
Asmik-kun World 2 (Asmik 1991, Japan only)
Astérix (Infogrames, 1993)
Asteroids (Accolade / The Code Monkeys, 1991)
Asteroids & Missile Command (Nintendo / Accolade / The Code Monkeys, 1995)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (THQ / Altron / Equilibrium, 1991)
Atomic Punk (Hudson Soft, 1991)
Avenging Spirit (Jaleco, 1992 – AKA Phantasm)
Balloon Kid (Nintendo, 1990)
Bamse (LaserBeam/Beam International, 1993) – Swedish market only
Barbie: Game Girl (Hi Tech Expressions / Imagineering, 1992)
Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly (Acclaim/Imagineer 1991)
Baseball (Nintendo, 1989)
Baseball Kids (Jaleco, 1990) – AKA Bases Loaded GB
Bases Loaded (Jaleco, 1990)
Batman: Return of the Joker (Sunsoft, 1992)
Batman: The Animated Series (Konami, 1993)
Batman (Sunsoft, 1990)
Batman Forever (Acclaim / Probe Entertainment, 1995)
Battle Arena Toshinden (Nintendo / Laguna[disambiguation needed] / Takara, 1996) – AKA Nettou Toshinden
Battle Bull (Seta, 1990)
Battle City (Nova, 1991)
Battle of Kingdom (Meldac / Live Planning / Lenar, 1991)
The Battle of Olympus (Imagineer / Radical Entertainment, 1993)
Battle Pingpong (Quest, 1990)
Battle Unit Zeoth (Jaleco, 1990)
Battle Zone & Super Breakout (Black Pearl / Solid Software, 1996)
Battleship (Mindscape / Use Corporation, 1992) – AKA Navy Blue
Battletoads Double Dragon (Sony Electronic Publishing / Tradewest / Rare, 1993)
Battletoads (Tradewest / Masaya / Rare, 1991)
Battletoads in Ragnarok’s World (Tradewest / Nintendo / Rare, 1993)
Battlezone/Super Breakout (Atari, 1996)
Beavis and Butt-Head (GT Interactive / Torus Games, 1998)
Beethoven (Hi Tech Entertainment / Unexpected Development, 1994)
Beetlejuice (LJN / Rare, 1991)
Best of the Best: Championship Karate (Electro Brain / Loriciel, 1992) – AKA The Kick Boxing
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Game Boy Adventure (LJN / Beam Software, 1990)
Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Fast Tracks (Konami / Distinctive Software, 19??)
Bionic Battler (Toei Animation / Electro Brain / Use Corporation, 1992) – AKA VS Battler
Bionic Commando (Capcom, 1992)
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (Angel, 1994)
The Black Bass: Lure Fishing (Hot-B, 1992)
Blades of Steel (Konami, 1991) – AKA Konamic Ice Hockey
Blaster Master Boy (Sunsoft / Aicom, 1991) – AKA Blaster Master Jr., Bomber King: Scenario 2
Block Kuzushi GB (Planning Office Wada, 1995)
Blodia (Tonkin House, 1990)
The Blues Brothers (Titus Software, 1991)
The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure (Titus Software, 1994)
Bo Jackson – Hit and Run (THQ / Equilibrium, 1990)
Boggle Plus (Parker Brothers / Sculptured Software, 1992)
Bomb Jack (Infogrames / Tecmo, 1992)
Bomberman GB (Hudson Soft/Nintendo, 1994) Label says “Pocket Bomberman”
Bomberman GB 2 (Hudson Soft, 1995) – AKA Bomberman GB (USA)
Bomberman GB 3 (Hudson Soft, 1996)
Bonk’s Adventure (Hudson Soft / Red, 1992) – AKA BC Kid, GB Genjin
Bonk’s Revenge (Hudson Soft / Red, 1994) – AKA BC Kid 2, GB Genjin
Booby Boys (Nihon Bussan, 1993)
Boomer’s Adventure in ASMIK World (Asmik, 1990) – AKA Teke! Teke! Asmikkun World
Boulder Dash (First Star Software / Victor Musical Industries / Beam Software, 1990)
Boxing (Tonkin House, 1990) – AKA Heavyweight Championship Boxing
Boxxle (FCI/Pony Canyon / Thinking Rabbit, 1989) – AKA Soukoban
Boxxle II (FCI/Pony Canyon / Thinking Rabbit, 1991) – AKA Soukoban 2
A Boy and His Blob in The Rescue of Princess Blobette (Imagineering / Absolute Entertainment, 1990) – AKA Fushigina Blobby: Princess Blob wo Tsukue!
Brain Drain (Bandai / Acclaim / Visual Impact, 1997)
Brainbender (Electro Brain / Gremlin Graphics, 1991)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Sony Imagesoft / Psygnosis / Probe, 1992)
Break Thru! (Zoo Corporation / Spectrum Holobyte / Realtime Associates, 1994)
Bubble Bobble (Taito, 1990)
Bubble Bobble Part 2 (Taito, 1993) – AKA Bubble Bobble Junior
Bubble Ghost (FCI / Pony Canyon / Infogrames, 1990)
Bubsy 2 (Accolade, 1994)
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (Kemco, 1990)
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle II (Kemco, 1991)
Burai Fighter Deluxe (Taxan / KID, 1990)
Burger Time Deluxe (Data East, 1991)
Burning Paper (Logic, 1993)
Bust-a-Move 2: Arcade Edition (Acclaim / Probe / Taito, 1997)
Bust-a-Move 3 DX (Acclaim / Probe / Crawfish Interactive / Taito, 1998)
Buster Brothers (Hudson Soft / Mitchell Corporation, 1993) – AKA Pang
Ca Da (Yonezawa / S’Pal, 199X) – Japan only
Cadillac II (Hector, 1990) – AKA Square Deal: The Game of Two Dimensional Poker
Caesar’s Palace (Arcadia Systems / Virgin Games / Coconuts Japan, 1990)
Capcom Quiz: Hatena? no Daibouken (Capcom, 1990) – Japan only
Captain Tsubasa J: Zenkoku Seiha Heno Chousen (Bandai, 1995) – Japan only
Captain Tsubasa VS (Tecmo, 1992) – Japan only
Card Game (Coconuts Japan, 1990) – Japan only
Casino Funpak (Beam Software/Interplay, 1993)
Casper (Natsume / Laguna / Bonsai Entertainment / Hi-Tech Expressions, 1995)
Castelian (Triffix / Rollogame / B.I.T.S., 1990)
Castle Quest (Hudson Soft / OPR, 1993)
Castlevania: The Adventure (Konami, 1989) – AKA Dracula Densetsu
Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (Konami, 1991) – AKA Dracula Densetsu II
Castlevania Legends (Konami / KCEN, 1997) – AKA Akumajou Dracula: Shikkoku daru Zensoukyoku
Catrap (Asmik / Ask Kodansha, 1990) – AKA Pitman
Cavenoire (Konami, 1991) – Japan only
Centipede (Accolade/Majesco/The Code Monkeys, 1992)
Chachamaru Panic (Human Entertainment, 1991) – Japan only
Chachamaru Boukenki 3: Abyss no Tou (Human Entertainment, 1991) – Japan only
Chalvo 55: Super Puzzle Action (Digipark/Japan System Supply, 1997) – Japan only
Championship Pool (Mindscape/Bitmasters, 1993)
Chase H.Q. (Taito/B.I.T.S., 1990) – AKA Taito Chase H.Q.
The Chessmaster (Hi Tech Expressions/The Software Toolworks/Park Place Production Team, 1990)
Chibi Maruko Chan: Maruko Deluxe Gekijou (Takara, 1995) – Japan only
Chibi Maruko Chan: Okuzukai Daisakusen (Takara, 1990) – Japan only
Chibi Maruko Chan 4: Korega Nihon Dayo Ouji Sama (Takara, 1992) – Japan only
Chiki Chiki Tengoku (Nacoty/J-Wing, 1995) – Japan only
Chiki Chiki Machine Mou Race (Atlus, 1992) – Japan only
Cicakman : The Game – Malaysia Only
Choplifter II (Beam Software/Broderbund/Victor Musical Industries, 1991)
Choplifter III (Broderbund/Ocean Software/Teeny Weeny Games, 1994)
Chuck Rock (Sony Imagesoft/Core Design, 1993)
Chuugaku Eijukugo 350 (Imagineer, 19XX) – Japan only
Chuugaku Eitango 1700 (Imagineer, 19XX) – Japan only
Cliffhanger (Sony Imagesoft, 1993)
College Slam (Acclaim/Torus Games, 1996)
Contra (Konami, 1991) – AKA Operation C, Probotector (HAVE “OPERATION C”)
Contra: The Alien Wars (Konami/Factor 5, 1994) – AKA Contra Spirits, Probotector 2
Cool Ball (Takara/Infogrames, 1993)
Cool Spot (Virgin Interactive Entertainment/NMS Software, 1994)
Cool World (Ocean Software, 1992)
Cosmo Tank (Atlus/Asuka Technologies, 1990)
Crayon Shin Chan: Ora no Gokigen Collection (Bandai, 1996) – Japan only
Crayon Shin Chan: Ora to Shiro ha Otomodachi Dayo (Bandai, 1993) – Japan only
Crayon Shin Chan 2: Ora to Wanpaku Gokko Dazo (Bandai, 1993) – Japan only
Crayon Shin Chan 3: Ora no Gokigen Athletic (Bandai, 1994) – Japan only
Crayon Shin Chan 4: Ora no Itazura Dai Henshin (Bandai, 1994) – Japan only
Crystal Quest (Data East/Novalogic, 1991)
Cultmaster: Ultraman ni Miserarete (Bandai, 1993) – Japan only
Cutthroat Island (Acclaim/Software Creations, 1995)
Cyraid (Epoch/Nexoft, 1990) – AKA Warrior
Daedalian Opus (Vic Tokai, 1990)
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions (Sunsoft, 1994)
Darkman (Ocean Software, 1991)
Darkwing Duck (Capcom, 1993)
Days of Thunder (Mindscape / Argonaut Software, 1991)
Dead Heat Scramble (Toei Animation / Electro Brain, 1990)
Defender/Joust (Williams, 1995)
Dennis the Menace (Ocean Software, 1993)
Desert Strike (Ocean Software, 1994)
Dexterity (SNK, 1990)
Dick Tracy (Bandai, 1991)
Dig Dug (Namco, 1992)
Disney’s Aladdin (Virgin Games, 1994)
Disney’s Hercules (THQ, 1997)
Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (THQ, 1996)
Disney’s The Jungle Book (Virgin Games, 1994)
Disney’s The Lion King (Virgin Games / Dark Technologies, 1994)
Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Capcom, 1992)
Disney’s Mulan (THQ, 1998)
Disney’s Pinocchio (Virgin Games / NMS Software, 1995)
Disney’s Pocohontas (THQ, 1996)
Dodge Boy (Tonkin House, 1991) – Japan only
Donkey Kong 94 (Nintendo, 1994)
Donkey Kong Land (Rare, 1995)
Donkey Kong Land 2 (Rare, 1996)
Donkey Kong Land III (Rare, 1997)
Double Dragon (Technos, 1989)
Double Dragon II (Technos, 1991)
Double Dragon 3 (The Sales Curve / Acclaim, 1992)
Double Dribble (Konami, 1991)
Dr. Franken (Kemco / Movietime, 1992)
Dr. Franken II (Movietime, 1993)
Dr. Mario (Nintendo, 1990)
Dragonheart (Acclaim / Torus Games, 1996)
Dragon’s Lair (CSG Imagesoft / Movietime, 1990)
Dragon Slayer (Epoch, 1990) – Japan only
Dragon Slayer Gaiden (Epoch, 1992) – Japan only
Dragon Warrior 1&2
Dragon Warrior Monsters
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Tara’s Quest
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cody’s Journey
Dropzone (Eurocom, 1992)
Duck Tales (Capcom, 1990)
DuckTales 2 (Capcom, 1993)
Dungeonland (Enix, 1992) – Japan only
Dynablaster (Hudson Soft, 1990)
Earthworm Jim (Shiny Entertainment/Playmates Interactive Entertainment, 1995)
Edd the Duck! (Zeppelin Games, 1991)
Elevator Action (Taito, 1991)
Elite Soccer (Empire Interactive, 1994)
Exodus (Unlicensed)
Extra Bases
F1 Pole Position
F1 Race (Nintendo, 1990)
F15 Strike Eagle (MicroProse, 1993)’
F1 Spirits
Faceball 2000 (Xanth Software, Bullet-Proof Software, 1991)
Family Jockey
Fastest Lap (VAP, NTVIC, 1993)
Felix the Cat (Hudson Soft,1993)
Ferrari Challenge
FIFA Soccer (EA Sports)
FIFA Soccer ’96 (EA Sports, 1995)
FIFA Soccer ’97 (EA Sports, 1996)
FIFA 98: Road to World Cup (EA Sports, 1997)
Fightbird GB
Fighting Simulator 2-in-1
Final Fantasy Adventure (Square, 1991)
Final Fantasy Legend (Square, 1989)
Final Fantasy Legend II (Square, 1990)
Final Fantasy Legend III (Square, 1991)
Final Reverse
Fire Fighter (Teeny Weeny Games, Mindscape International, 1992)
Fish Dude
Fist of the North Star (Toei Animation, 1989)
Flappy Special
The Flash (Equilibrium, THQ, 1991)
Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island (Wasn’t on list)
Flintstones: Treasure of Sierra Madrock
Flintstones the Movie (Twilight, Ocean Software, 1994)
Flip Pull
Flying Dragon SD
Flying Warriors
Football International
Foreman for Real (Software Creations, Acclaim, 1995)
Fortified Zone (Jaleco, 1991)
Fortress of Fear
Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Baseball (Realtime Associates, Acclaim, 1995)
Funny Field
Game Boy Wars – (1990) Japan Only
Game of Harmony (The Assembly Line, Accolade, 1995)
Game and Watch Gallery (Nintendo, 1997)
Game Boy Gallery (Nintendo, 1995) (U.K. release Only)
Ganbare Goemon
Garfield Labyrinth – Europe only
Gargoyle’s Quest (Capcom, 1990)
GARMS (Japanese)
Gauntlet II (Atari, Mindscape, 1990)
GB Basketball
Gear Works
George Foreman’s KO Boxing
Ghostbusters II (HAL, Activision, 1990)
Go! Go! Tank
Golf (Nintendo, 1990)
Gradius: The Interstellar Assault (Konami, 1992)
Great Greed – (1992)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Godzilla (Game Boy) 1990    ? ? ?
HAL Wrestling
Hammerin’ Harry
Hammerin’ Harry: Ghost Building Company (Irem, 1993)
Harvest Moon GB (Victor Interactive Software, Natsume, 1998)
Head On
Heavyweight Championship Boxing
Heiankyo Alien (Meldac, 1990)
High Stakes Gambling
Hit the Ice
Home Alone (Altron, THQ, 1991)
Home Alone 2
Hong Kong
Hook (Ocean Software, Sony Imagesoft, 1992)
Hudson’s Adventure Island (Hudson Soft, 1992)
Hudson’s Adventure Island 2 (Hudson Soft, 1992)
Hudson Hawk (Ocean Software, Sony Imagesoft, 1992)
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Humans (Imagitec Design, Gametek, 1993)
Hunt for Red October
Hyper Black Bass
Hyper Dunk
Hyper Lode Runner
In Your Face
The Incredible Crash Dummies (Software Creations, LJN, 1992)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Ubi Soft, 1994)
Infogenius Frommer’s Travel
Infogenius Personal Organizer
Infogenius Spell Checker
Infogenius Translator (French)
Infogenius Translator (Spanish)
International Superstar Soccer
Irem Fighter
Iron Leaguer
Ishido (Publishing International, ASCII, 1990)
Itchy and Scratchy Minigolf
J League Soccer
Jack Nicklaus Golf
James Bond Jr
James Bond 007 (Saffire Corporation, Nintendo, 1998)
James Pond II
Jeep Jamboree (Infogrames, Virgin Interactive, 1992)
Jelly Boy
Jeopardy! (US only)
Jeopardy Platinum Edition (US only)
Jeopardy! Sports Edition (US only)
Jeopardy Teen Edition (US only)
Jetsons: Robot Panic (Taito, 1992)
Jimmy Connors’ Tennis
Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja (Data East, 1993)
John Madden Football 95
John Madden Football 96
John Madden Football 97
Jordan vs Bird (Imagineering, Electronic Arts, 1992)
Judge Dredd (Acclaim, 1995)
Jungle Strike (Ocean Software, Malibu Games, 1995)
Jurassic Park (Ocean Software, 1993)
Jurassic Park II (Ocean Software, 1994)
Jurassic Park: Lost World (Torus Games, THQ, 1997)
Kaeru no tame ni kane wa naru (Intelligent Systems, Nintendo, 1992) Japan Only
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball
Kick Off
Kid Dracula (Konami, 1993)
Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (Nintendo, 1992)
Kid Niki
Killer Instinct (Rare, Nintendo, 1995)
King James Bible (Unlicensed) In box!
King of Dragons
King of Fighters 95 (SNK, Takara, 1997)
King of Fighters ’96 (SNK, Takara, 1997)
King of the Zoo (UPL, ASCII, 1990)
Kingdom Crusade
Kirby’s Block Ball (HAL Laboratory, Nintendo, 1996)
Kirby’s Dream Land (Nintendo,HAL Laboratory,1992)
Kirby’s Dream Land 2 (Nintendo,HAL Laboratory,1995)
Kirby’s Pinball Land (HAL Laboratory, Nintendo, 1993)
Kirby’s Star Stacker (HAL Laboratory, Nintendo, 1997)
Klax (Atari, Mindscape, 1991)
Knight’s Quest
Konami Golf
Konami Sports
Krusty’s Funhouse (Audiogenic, Acclaim, 1993)
Kung Fu Master (Irem, 1990)
Kwirk (Atlus, Acclaim, 1989) (AKA Puzzle Boy-Japanese title)
Lamborghini American Challenge
Last Action Hero
Last Bible
Lawnmower Man
Lazlo’s Leap
Legend (Quest, 1991)
Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Legend of the River King
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Lemmings – (1991)
Lemmings 2: The Tribes
Lethal Weapon III
Lock ‘n’ Chase
Looney Tunes
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Lucky Luke (Infogrames, 1996)
Lunar Lander
Magnetic Soccer
Malibu Beach Volleyball
Marble Madness
Mario and Yoshi
Mario’s Picross
Mario’s Picross 2 – Japan Only
Maru’s Mission
Master Karateka
Maui Mallard
Mega Man in Dr. Wily’s Revenge (Capcom, 1991)
Mega Man II (Capcom, 1991)
Mega Man III (Capcom, 1992)
Mega Man IV (Capcom, 1993)
Mega Man V (Capcom, 1994)
Mercenary Force

Men In Black (wasn’t on list)

Metal Masters
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Mickey’s Dangerous Chase (Capcom)
Mickey Mouse – Japan only
Mickey Mouse II – Japan and Europe only
Mickey Mouse IV: Mahou no Labyrinth – Japan only
Mickey Mouse Magic Wands (AKA Mickey Mouse V: Mahou no Sutekki in Japan)
Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge
Micro Machines
Micro Machines II
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Milon’s Secret Castle
Miner 2049er
Missile Command/Asteroids
Mole Mania
Money Idol Exchanger – Japan only
Monster Maker J
Monster Max
Monster Race
Monster Truck
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat 3
Motocross Maniacs
Mouse Trap Hotel
Mr. Chin’s Gourmet Paradise
Mr. Do!
Mr. Nutz
Ms. Pac Man
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Nail ‘n’ Scale
NBA All-Star Challenge
NBA All-Star Challenge 2
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
NBA Live 96
NFL Football
NFL Quarterback Club
NFL Quarterback Club II
NFL Quarterback Club 96
NHL Hockey ’95
NHL Hockey ’96
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing
Ninja Boy
Ninja Boy 2
Ninja Gaiden Shadow
Ninja Taro
Nintendo World Cup
Nobunaga’s Ambition
Oddworld Adventures
Olympic Summer Games
Operation C
Out to Lunch (Japanese)
Pac Attack
Pac Man
The Pagemaster
Panel Action Bingo
Paperboy II
PGA Tour ’96
Penguin Land (Japanese)
Penguin Wars
Pinball Dreams
Pinball Fantasies
Pipe Dream
Pit Fighter

Pitman (aka cattrap)
Play Action Football
Pokémon Blue
Pokémon Red
Pokémon Yellow
Popeye 2

Populous (Wasn’t on list)
Prehistorik Man
Primal Rage
Prince of Persia
Prophecy: Viking Child
“Puzzle Bobble”
Q Billion
Qix (Bottom of cart destroyed, pins exposed, may still work)
Race Days
Race Drivin’
Radar Mission
Raging Fighter
The Real Ghostbusters
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Space Cadet Adventure
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots
Revenge of the ‘Gator
Riddick Bowe Boxing
Ring Rage
Road Rash
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
RoboCop 2
RoboCop versus The Terminator
The Adventures Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends
Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball
Rolan’s Curse
Rolan’s Curse 2
Samurai Shodown
Sea Battle
seaQuest DSV
Shaq Fu
Side Pocket
The Simpsons: Bart and the Beanstalk
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Juggernauts
Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly
Skate or Die: Bad ‘n’ Rad
Skate or Die: Tour de Thrash
Small Soldiers
Sneaky Snakes
Snoopy’s Magic Show
Snow Brothers
Soccer Mania
Solar Striker
Solitaire Funpak
Solomon’s Club
Space Invaders
Spanky’s Quest
Speedball 2
Speedy Gonzales
Spider-Man and X-Men
Spud’s Adventure
Spy vs. Spy
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
Star Trek: Generations – Beyond the Nexus
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Wars
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Stop That Roach
Street Fighter II
Street Racer
Sumo Fighter
Super Battletank
Super Hunchback
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
Super Off Road
Super R.C. Pro-Am
Super Robot Taisen (wars)
Super Scrabble
Swamp Thing
Sword of Hope
Sword of Hope II
Tail ‘Gator
Tale Spin
Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle
Taz-Mania 2
Tecmo Bowl
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back from the Sewers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue
Terminator 2: The Arcade Game
Terminator II: Judgment Day
Tetris 2
Tetris Attack
Tetris Blast
Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs’ Big Break
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana’s Movie Madness
Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports
Titus the Fox
Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics”
Top Gun:Guts and Glory
Top Rank Tennis
Total Carnage
Toxic Crusaders
Toy Story
Track and Field
Track Meet

Trip World
True Lies
Tumble Pop
Turn and Burn: F-14 Dogfight Simulator
Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs
Ultima: Runes of Virtue
Ultima: Runes of Virtue II
Ultra Golf
Universal Soldier
Urban Strike
Vegas Stakes
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Nintendo, 1994)
Wario Land II (Nintendo, 1998)
Wave Race
Wayne’s World
WCW The Main Event
We’re Back!
Wheel of Fortune (US only)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Wild Snake
Winter Olypmic Games: Lillehammer ’94
Word Zap
World Bowling
World Circuit Series
World CupUSA94
World Cup Soccer
World Heroes II Jet
WWF King of the Ring
WWF Superstars
WWF Superstars 2
WWF War Zone (wasn’t on list)
Xenon II
Yogi Bear Gold Rush
Yoshi’s Cookie
Zen: Intergalactic Ninja