GamePayne | Donkey Kong Quiz Edition

Video Game College, Diploma Test: Donkey Kong Edition

Think you know all about Video Games?

1. What game failed to bring you the Donkey Kong game?

Donkey Kong 3. 2
Block Fiber
Radar Scope

2. What year was the arcade great Donkey Kong released?


3. Which one of these Donkey kong Characters were NOT playable in the DK Series?

Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong
Kiddy Kong

4. Name two of the three bosses that are not displayed twice in the Donkey Kong Country game.

Master Necky, and Very Gnawty
King K. Rool, and Master Necky
King K. Rool, and Dumb Drum
Queen Bee, and Very Gnawty

5. What do the letters in the second bonus room of Donkey Kong Country, Level of Millstone Mahem?

Any of these. The letters are chosen randomly.

6. Do Donkey and Diddy beat each other up at the credits in the very end of the DKC game?


7. In the "ending" credits of Donkey Kong Country (I mean the fake ones where King K. Gets back up) what was the "Koncept"?


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