Grilfriend beaten by her Boyfriend's Wiimote.

"Last night I was playing Tennis on my Wii. My girlfriend was sat on the sofa behind me.

 I was really getting into the game, and I do play it hard! She tried to get off the sofa and do

to the kitchen. I went to take a swing for a long forehand shot and I hear a massive BANG.

 The corner of the remote smacked her in the face, right next to her eye. When she stopped

 covering her face, I saw all the blood and had to rush her to the hospital."

She broke my heart & my window.

One Girl Beaten by Boyfriend and this one breaks the window.

"So my girlfriend and I were taking our Wii Fitness tests one night and her second event was hitting homeruns. She was having trouble hitting one so I told her she needed to swing harder. Well she did, she just forgot to grip harder. The result: a broken window. The pisture is of my girlfriend Eliot and the damage done. -Paul"

40 Inch Paperweight TV.   

This poor guy was wearing the wrist strap, and although it didn't technically snap it came off his wrist! Here is the story in his own words:

I have a 27 inch normal tv in my room. So on Wednesday after launch, I asked my mom if i could use it on the 40 inch projection HDTV. She was like ok what ever. So i was playing tennis and the wiimote flew out of my hand with the wrist strap (yes i was wearing it and it flew off with the wiimote) and flew into the screen. Cracking the 2 protection covers but not touching the real screen (thank god).

Wow, I think that brings new meaning to "Look Mom! No hands!"

Red Card Tennis.

"Yesterday, I was at wii game's night along my cousins and my boyfiend. We decided to Play tennis (Wii Sports) I was playing doubles with my boyfriend against 2 cousins. Anyway, we were almost winning the game and we were all very concentrated when my boyfriend aly hit me with his remonte in my elbow. I felt a pain in my arm and had to throw myself to the couch before fainting. these pictures show what happened."